Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro 15.0

Professionally edit videos and create stunning multimedia content

Edits video content and provides the tools to create professional good-looking content for advertising or personal usage.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 takes video editing to the next level and offers new features such as: new sequence presets, in order to help the user in both capturing and working with the most appropriate video format, new various types of file encoding for different output file formats, or improvements in the work flow section.

The program offers you a lot of "freedom" in terms of video editing. This powerful program is suitable for any type of user, from beginners to pros as well. Thus it can be used by a wide range of users and for a multitude or purposes, from personal interest to commercial needs, as a high end product.

Premiere Pro does not constrain you to use a set of predefined transition effects, or already made video effects, but instead it allows you to set and modify these effects to your liking, in order to ensure a better and smoother editing experience.

Another great feature about Premiere Pro is that you are able to load Photoshop projects (.psd format) and import them as a single image file, or separate, choosing the desired layers. This feature is awesome if you're looking to animate a static image.

Compared to the other video editing programs or multimedia creation tools, Premiere Pro, with its efficient interface and the support for true native formats, proves itself to be one of the best choice.

Adobe Premiere Pro is simply a must for every pro in the branch.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Heavy set of possibilities in terms of editing
  • Support for lots of true native formats
  • Excellent output quality formats


  • Quality never comes cheap, thus for beginners would be a bit expensive
  • High System requirements for best performance
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